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'EVE Valkyrie' will be an Oculus Rift exclusive

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Oculus Rift EVR
Oculus Rift EVR

With $75 million in funding, Oculus VR decided that building a virtual reality headset wasn't enough. The company hired an Electronic Arts veteran to start publishing games under the Oculus brand as well. Now, the company has announced the first game to be co-published as part of that program, and it's not much of a surprise: head-controlled space dogfighting game EVE: Valkyrie will be an Oculus Rift exclusive when it arrives later in 2014.

Originally known as EVR, the fast-paced multiplayer shooter started as a pet project of several EVE Online developers, and took just seven weeks to build in their 20 percent time. However, the experience became such a hit at game conventions that game studio CCP decided to turn EVR into a full game. At the same time, Valkyrie served as a key showcase title for the Oculus Rift headset itself, demonstrating how fun a game can be when purposely built for VR. No wonder Oculus would want to keep it as close to home as possible.

That the game is exclusive to the Oculus Rift might mean something more specific than exclusivity to virtual reality, by the way. The budding VR game industry seems to believe that the Oculus Rift won't be the only VR headset on the market within a few years.