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    New Keurig Cold machine could let you make Coke at home

    New Keurig Cold machine could let you make Coke at home

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    A new deal between Coca Cola and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters — the company that makes the Keurig beverage system — means that several of the soda makers' biggest brands are likely to come to an upcoming home beverage product. Green Mountain today announced that Coca Cola had taken a 10 percent stake in the company, alongside the deal that gives it use of  the "Coca-Cola Company's global brand portfolio" for Keurig Cold, a product that's expected to compete squarely with SodaStream.

    The entire Coke portfolio

    SodaStream currently offers a variety of flavors, and has made deals with beverage brands to offer flavors from Kool-Aid, Ocean Spray, and Crystal Light. Missing has been participation from the major soda makers like Coke or Pepsi. SodaStream even poked fun at those companies in advertising, arguing that its solution is more environmentally sound, and that its options contain less sugar.

    The recipe for Coke remains a closely-guarded secret, though various incarnations of it have surfaced throughout the years. That includes a 1979 formula that resurfaced thanks to popular radio show This American Life in 2011. The beverage is just one of several created by Coca Cola though; the company also makes Sprite, Fanta, and Barq's.