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Rdio and Beats Music are working to add Chromecast support

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Rdio iOS
Rdio iOS

Both Rdio and Beats Music may soon be able to stream audio to a TV via Google's Chromecast. The news comes just days after Google launched an SDK that lets developers easily add support for the $35 device. The team behind Beats Music is already working with Google to implement Chromecast support, according to a tweet posted today.

Rdio initially said something similar yesterday. Engadget reports that the company tweeted, "Our team is already working on developing support for Chromecast. Stay tuned!" But oddly, that message has since been deleted and replaced with a response that doesn't sound so sure. We wouldn't worry though; it's likely that the company let its plans slip a bit earlier than intended.

As for Spotify, the leading music subscription service is still saying "not right now" to Chromecast support, even after admitting that the feature has proven "uncommonly popular" among user requests. We doubt Spotify Connect is the obstacle here, since Chromecast is essentially relegated to your TV and doesn't threaten the blossoming wireless speaker market.