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Up close and personal with the blindingly colorful red Nexus 5

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Red Nexus 5
Red Nexus 5

Google calls it "bright red," but that description only half-describes the new Nexus 5. It's bright — impossibly, eye-catchingly so, almost as if it's glowing — but it's definitely not red. It's a loud, gleaming orange, like an Exit sign or a glossed-up version of the "tangerine" Google Glass model. It looks great next to the colorful Android OS, and the black buttons and camera lens stand out in eye-popping contrast. It's actually one of the more cohesive-looking versions of the phone, with smooth sides and edges that feel better to hold than either of the other color options.

The black-and-white Nexus 5s are meant to be understated — you can't miss this one. It stands out even next to the myriad Moto X options, which now all look dull and quiet on my desk. Basically this phone is ready to put on its furry boots, crank up a Katy Perry dubstep remix, and party.