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Mercedes' latest creation lets you surf the waves in style

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Mercedes surfboard
Mercedes surfboard

The newest Mercedes-Benz doesn't have any wheels — it doesn't even work on land. Dubbed the Silver Arrow of the Seas, the company's latest creation is an extremely limited run surfboard created in collaboration with surfer Garrett McNamara and advertising agency BBDO. The board was designed for use on the huge waves of Nazaré Canyon off the coast of Portugal — where McNamara surfed a wave that measured 78 feet in 2011 — and it features a built-in telemetry system to measure performance after a run. "I am happy they've built boards for riding fast," McNamara tells Surf Total. Unfortunately, you won't be able to pick up one of the sleek, silver boards for yourself any time soon — the Silver Arrow was designed specifically for McNamara, with a run of only four produced.