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'Cosmos' to launch worldwide on Fox and National Geographic this March

'Cosmos' to launch worldwide on Fox and National Geographic this March

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Fox can't bring Cosmos to the entire universe, but it does plan on sending it around the globe in a major way. According to Variety, Fox has high hopes for Neil deGrasse Tyson's upcoming miniseries on physics and astronomy, and it plans to use two different networks to promote it worldwide. Within a week of the series' US debut, on March 9th, the show's debut episode will begin airing internationally on Fox outlets in 125 countries and National Geographic outlets in 180 countries. In some areas — the US included — it'll even be airing on multiple networks, with the hope of bringing the series to different demographics' attention. Though it'll live internationally on National Geographic channels for the remainder of its run, the broadcaster says that this is still the largest global launch ever for a TV series.

"It's the kind of show people really don't make anymore."

"It’s kind of risky in that it’s the kind of show people really don’t make anymore, because it’s actually about science and the origins of the universe and the future of humanity," Liz Dolan, chief marketing officer for Fox International Channels and National Geographic Channels International, tells Variety. Tyson will also attend screenings and other special events in London, Sydney, Singapore, and Mexico City to promote the show, and networks have reportedly created promos for the show in 44 different languages. It was clear from the very first trailer that Cosmos would be big and ambitious — but while a science show may be drier than Fox's average programming, the broadcaster is clearly hoping to recreate the success of Carl Sagan's original Cosmos with a bold new series and one of the best-known scientists around.