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Watch this: Reggie Watts is very, very wrong about science

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Reggie Watts
Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts is everywhere; if he isn't helping debut new apps, he's making appearances in over-the-top Bud Light ads for the Super Bowl. He's also incredibly talented. But in this new, vaguely Welcome Back Kotter-esque short titled "Teach," it's fairly clear Watts should never be trusted to teach kids basic biology.

The short showcases Watts' character's general drunken ineptitude as an educator, and it appears that it will eventually grow into an ongoing series. "Teach" was produced by the excellent online comedy collective JASH, which includes Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera, so it's possible viewers will see them make guest appearances in future installments.

We couldn't be more thrilled — Cera was great on SNL, after all.