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Newegg introduces three-day shipping program to compete with Amazon Prime

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Newegg logo box (1020)
Newegg logo box (1020)

Newegg is offering its own expedited shipping program in the same vein as Amazon Prime. The retailer — known best for its selection of electronics and computer components — is calling the service "Newegg Premier," and for $49.99 per year it offers unlimited free shipping, as well as a few other benefits. Packages are guaranteed to arrive in three days or less with the service, and two- and one-day shipping options are discounted if you're a member. Newegg will also pay for return shipping if you're a member, and it will waive its 15 percent restocking fee. The company also promises "exclusive deals" and "special alerts" for upcoming discounts, and customers will get their own dedicated customer service line.

The program is almost $30 less expensive than Amazon Prime, but it doesn't include any sort of video streaming service like Amazon Prime Instant Video. Newegg also has a smaller inventory than Amazon. But for those who have no need for a streaming video service (or already have a Netflix subscription), Newegg Premier could be a good option — especially in light of the news that Amazon's considering adding $20 to $40 to the price of Prime to address rising shipping costs.