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Blurred lines: data project shows popular running routes in 22 cities

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An age of inexpensive wearable devices that track our every move, and having plenty of places to post that information publicly has resulted in a perfect mix of data that shows where people are exercising. Nathan Yau over at Flowing Data has done just that, taking public running logs from RunKeeper and stacking them up over maps of the cities. The result is a collection of maps for 22 cities (most of which are in the US) that shows what routes get the most foot traffic.

Runners want water and parks

The big takeaway, Yau says, is that the most running is happening by water and in park areas. That's especially true in Yau's map of London (pictured above) where the routes are centralized around the the banks of the River Thames and through the nearby St. Jame's Park. It's a similar story in New York, which is split up between Central Park and Lower Manhattan. Yau notes that all this isn't just eye candy, and could actually be useful for city planners when they're making decisions about where to put new infrastructure.