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Renault concept car launches drone to check for gridlock ahead

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renault kwid concept
renault kwid concept

Renault has dreamed up a concept car that would include a "flying companion" in the form of a quadrocopter. The tiny drone would launch from a special compartment in the car's roof. Should the concept every become reality, the drone could be controlled manually via a tablet or be set to fly autonomously to pre-determined GPS waypoints, presumably matching your driving speed. It would come in use by flying in front of the car to warn of dangers on the road ahead, or, if a driver is stuck in traffic, they could launch the drone to assess the gridlock. It would also be able to film Gran Turismo-style replay videos of your driving escapades.

Called Kwid, the car itself is full of everything you'd expect to see in from a concept: bold colors, strong angles, bizarre materials, and a hyper-unrealistic interior. It's designed for the Indian auto market, and the drone gimmick is a play to capture the minds of the younger generation. It's unlikely the Kwid will ever come to market in its current form, but, like all concepts, the ideas presented here will inform the design of Renault's future models.