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See the best Sochi Olympics shots at The New York Times' photo stream

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The Firehose
The Firehose

TV coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics may be a bit hit or miss, but The New York Times has you covered when it comes to chronicling the event via still photography. Today marks the launch of what it's calling The Firehose, a real-time live stream of photos from the Sochi Olympics. And you're not just limited to images taken by Times employees. The Firehose features what's basically a dream team of photographers from the Associated Press, Reuters, Getty Images, Agence France-Presse, the European Pressphoto Agency, and of course the Times. A few things to note: since it's live, photos flash by rather quickly — and as the "Firehose" name implies, they come without any context or captions. But plenty of stellar photography has already been on display today, and The Firehose will be running throughout the Olympics. And for those times when the site is offline, there's always NBC. NB