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Yahoo will reportedly tap into Yelp for local search results

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Yahoo stock
Yahoo stock

Yahoo is making another move to improve its web services, but this time it's not an acquisition. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company will partner with Yelp to bolster its local search offerings. According to an anonymous source, a change in the following weeks will see Yelp listings and reviews will appear directly in Yahoo searches.

It's not clear yet how the feature will work, but Yelp results will likely show key details and star ratings right inside its search results. Currently, results for restaurants on Yahoo brings up a special section of search results from the company's own Yelp-like service, Yahoo Local. It has listings, reviews, contact information, and more for restaurants and other locations. The company just announced last month an update to search that more prominently features local search results in a sidebar next to the main search results, much like Google.

There's no word on the terms of the partnership between the two companies, but The Wall Street Journal notes that the move is likely designed to try and differentiate Yahoo search from Google and Bing. Ever since 2012, when Yahoo brought in former Google employee Marissa Mayer as its next CEO, the company has moved to overhaul its search offering and, more generally, reclaim the title of the web's homepage.