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Windows Phone 8.1 Notification Center revealed in leaked screenshots

Windows Phone 8.1 Notification Center revealed in leaked screenshots

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Microsoft is currently preparing its first major update to Windows Phone 8. A highly requested Notification Center feature will be included with Windows Phone 8.1, allowing users to customize and control their app notifications. Winphollowers has published screenshots from an internal Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, detailing the new Notification Center in Windows Phone 8.1 The Verge can confirm these are genuine screenshots of Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft calls it Action Center

In the first screenshot, the Notification Center, or "Action Center" as Microsoft is labelling it, is shown when you take a short swipe from the top of the screen. This will display four basic quick settings that are shortcuts to options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other system settings. All four are customizable, and the basic Action Center also displays the date and a battery level percentage. If you pull down further on the Notification Center, a full "Action Center" is displayed. The second leaked screenshot shows how toasts and notifications from apps are collected in the full version of Action Center, and they can also be silently added, updated, and deleted in this view.


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This latest screenshot leak follows a previous example showing the separate volume controls for Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft is finally splitting volume controls for ringer / notifications and media / apps in the upcoming update. It’s a minor addition, but a highly requested feature from Windows Phone users. Microsoft is also building its own "Cortana" personal assistant into Windows Phone 8.1. Foursquare, Bing, and other data sources will help power the service, and it’s expected to be unveiled alongside all of Windows Phone 8.1’s features at the Build developer conference in April.