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Here's what The Flash will look like in his upcoming TV pilot

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CW The Flash pilot TV show
CW The Flash pilot TV show

If everything goes to plan, there will soon be another superhero show on TV. CW has ordered a pilot for The Flash, and with production set to begin next week, the network is giving us our first peek at the latest incarnation of DC Comics' fastest man on Earth. Little is known about the series so far, but Grant Gustin (Glee) will play scientist Barry Allen. Like in the comic books, he gains his super speed from an experiment gone wrong.

The show's being produced by the same team from CW's other DC Comics series, Arrow (which is already in its second season), and The Flash is designed as a spinoff from that series. In fact, pre-accident Barry Allen has already made an appearance in Arrow, and if The Flash gets picked up we wouldn't be surprised to see more intermingling between the two heroes. For those of an older age range, you might remember that this isn't the first time that The Flash has had his own TV show — a 1990 series starring John Wesley Shipp was the first live action attempt.

The show — if it gets picked up — is but the latest in a barrage of superhero shows. Following Marvel's incredible success at the box office with its movies based on The Avengers, DC Comics has pushed hard in the television space. In addition to Arrow, shows based on Constantine and Batman ally Commissioner Gordon have been greenlit. Marvel, for its part, also has its own Agents of SHIELD show on ABC.