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Tim Cook fights back against shareholders concerned with environmental initiatives

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Tim Cook (Verge, 640)
Tim Cook (Verge, 640)

Apple has made strides towards being more a environmentally friendly company, and plans to eventually have its facilities completely powered by renewable energy — but those plans aren't sitting well with some shareholders. The National Center for Public Policy Research, an Apple shareholder, put forth a proposal requiring Apple to be more transparent about its dealings with organizations focused on sustainability. The group is concerned about "affiliations that may primarily advance social or environmental causes rather than promoting shareholder value."

While the proposal was rejected by shareholders, as The Mac Observer reports, during the Q&A portion of Apple's annual shareholders meeting, CEO Tim Cook was questioned by a member of the group regarding these policies. In response, Cook explained that not everything Apple does is motivated by money. "If you want me to do things only for [return on investment] reasons," he explained, "you should get out of this stock." As of last year Apple claimed that 75 percent of its facilities were powered by renewable energy, while its most recent supplier report showed tightening environmental guidelines.