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Watch Tyler Durden slug his way through a SNES-style 'Fight Club'

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CineFix's pixel-art video reimagining of Fight Club was made as part of the YouTube channel's 8-bit Cinema series, but that tag is a little misleading: the video has the chunky sprites and fast-paced combat of a game from the 16-bit era. The result turns the bleak 1999 movie into a fast-paced homage to side-scrolling fighters such as Streets of Rage 2.

Watch as Fight Club's narrator slides a penguin down a path in a spirit animal "bonus round" to find Marla Singer, beats himself up in his boss' office, and collects bags of fat being hurled over a fence by a strutting Tyler Durden. There's even a SNES controller in one of the final scenes, as the unseen player has to remember a set of button inputs that will allow the movie's narrator to shoot himself in the face, before the video closes with a poignant pixel reminder that Bob's name was Robert Paulson.