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Audi's in-car LTE from AT&T will cost at least $16 a month

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Audi and AT&T have announced pricing details for LTE connectivity in the 2015 A3 sedan, which will be the first automobile in the US to offer in-vehicle 4G data when it launches this month. Customers will be able to pick between two plans. The first offers 5GB over a period of six months for $99. For drivers that need more, AT&T is also offering a 30GB / 30-month data plan for an eye-popping $499. This "best value" plan works out to over $16 per gigabyte, but offers a much longer stretch of time to eat through all that data. With both plans, customers can choose to receive email alerts when they're nearing their data limit. And starting this summer, Audi says you'll be add a car to your existing AT&T Mobile Share plan.

Thankfully new Audi buyers won't need to choose between these options while they're signing the paperwork; all A3 sedans equipped with the company's "Audi connect" system will receive a free six-month LTE trial period. That should provide plenty of time to decide whether the luxury of turning your car into a mobile hotspot is worth the cost. The 2015 A3 sedan debuts this month, but come summer, Audi won't be the only car manufacturer bundling in LTE hardware. GM has already announced that several vehicles in its 2015 fleet will offer 4G connectivity (and a built-in app store). There again, AT&T is providing the networking backbone.