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Visit the eerie hospital of Steven Soderbergh's upcoming TV series, 'The Knick'

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Here's what we know about Steven Soderbergh's new TV series, The Knick: it stars Clive Owen, it's set at New York's Knickerbocker Hospital in 1900, and it involves early surgeries — some of which appear to go very, very wrong. Cinemax released the series' first promo yesterday, and it sums that all up quite succinctly: "Surgery wasn't always science," it says. Interspersed with eerie shots of empty hospital rooms, the promo shows a number of the characters with blood splattered across their otherwise spotless, white hospital garb. It's not a horror series — just a handful of people who have likely had a very bad day. Soderbergh directed all ten episodes of the show's first season, and if this teaser is any sign, we may be in for something good.