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All the buildings in this illustrated city are inspired by famous works of art

If famous artists lived in their own works, it could look something like Federico Babina's Archist series, which turns famous pieces of art into architectural structures. Babina, who is both an architect and an illustrator, says he imagined a world where the two disciplines interact more explicitly than they already do. "I tried to imagine how a house designed by Dalí would look, or a museum designed by Miró," Babina says. "I like finding the hidden architecture in parallel universes." While some of the buildings might not be feasible architecturally, they represent an unexpected take on art's translation into other worlds. All 27 buildings come together in a collective illustration called "Archist City," which is both an art history major's dream (or nightmare) and a fun challenge to see how many artists you can recognize by their buildings.

Images courtesy of Federico Babina


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