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Sprint chairman: buying T-Mobile would allow a 'real fight' with AT&T, Verizon

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Sprint chairman Masayoshi Son tipped his company's interest in purchasing T-Mobile today, saying the deal would help the pair better take on larger rivals Verizon and AT&T. In a new interview with Charlie Rose, Son didn't say a deal had been struck, but confirmed Sprint's intent on buying T-Mobile, a deal he says would create a "massive price war" among mobile carriers if approved by regulators. "I would like to have the real fight, OK? Not the pseudo fight, the real fight," Son told Rose according to the Wall Street Journal.

"Not the pseudo fight, the real fight."

Son's comments come just a day before SoftBank, which bought Sprint last year, is set to discuss "the state of America's communications industry and the competitive global landscape," at an event in Washington DC. Son and CEO Dan Hesse reportedly met with the FCC and the Justice Department there about a deal last month, but ran into opposition from regulators who fear a consolidation will lead to less choice and higher prices for consumers. According to The Journal, tomorrow's presentation is part of a pitch to convince them otherwise.