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Skrillex launches first full-length album 'Recess' as an Easter egg in a mobile game

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The spiritual leader of the unrelenting assault on the eardrums known as dubstep has emerged with his first full-length album, Recess, his biggest release since 2011's Bangarang EP. That's great news for ravers and Skrillex fans everywhere, but what makes it even more interesting is how he's bringing it out — as Easter eggs inside a seemingly innocuous game in Google Play and the iTunes App Store called Alien Ride. The Asteroids-style title is described as a way to "realize your true potential ... unlocking new features and shooting your way to a high score," but there's no mention of Skrillex, much less an all-new 11-track artist album. Playing through lets you unlock streams of all the tracks, and at the end you find a link to preorder the download, which hits next Tuesday, March 18th.

Head-banging and convulsions will almost certainly be unavoidable as you embark on this musical odyssey, so get the aspirin ready. For a refresher on what dubstep is, this Key & Peele skit might be of some assistance: