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CloudMagic's new cards link your inbox to Evernote and other apps

CloudMagic's new cards link your inbox to Evernote and other apps

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Unlike other email apps, CloudMagic's goal isn't to help you reach inbox zero. Before today, its standout feature was an incredibly quick search function. "Once you use CloudMagic's lightning fast search to get to your emails quickly, you'll find yourself spending less time sorting your email and more time being productive," reads the Android app's description. Instead of taking after Mailbox's obsessive quest for a clean inbox, CloudMagic aims to help find what you're looking for — and do it faster than other email clients. And it seems to be accomplishing that fairly well: the app has an average rating of 4.5 stars on both iOS and Android. Today, CloudMagic is adding its latest significant feature to help further user productivity: cards.


CloudMagic cards are essentially add-ons for popular third-party services like Evernote, Pocket, and Trello that are built directly into the app. The company says they're designed to help "complete essential workflows quickly." Creating one is simple enough, as you simply double-tap on any message to bring up the card UI. From here, you pick the service you want to save the email's contents to. Recipes can be stored in Evernote, articles can be archived via Pocket, and so on. Using CloudMagic's cards means you won't need to hop between apps to accomplish these same tasks — which again circles back to the app's goal of saving you time. The list of partners is somewhat limited at launch, but CloudMagic checks off several popular services and says new cards are on the way. In our brief tests, everything worked just as expected. CloudMagic isn't going to do the job if inbox zero is your preferred approach to wrangling email. But for everyone else, it's certainly worth a look. It works with most major email services including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook, and is available now as a free download on both iOS and Android.