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    This is what 'Dungeons & Dragons' yoga looks like

    This is what 'Dungeons & Dragons' yoga looks like


    You enter downward dog. A goblin suddenly attacks.

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    If you've ever attended a Yoga class and found yourself idly fantasizing about slaying dragons while waiting for the instructor to announce the next pose, experimental artist Scott Wayne Indiana has created just the thing. Dubbed "D&D Yoga," the practice combines traditional stretches with a voiceover narrative and the frequent rolling of 10-sided dice.

    The idea for fusing these two very different pastimes came to Indiana during a yoga retreat where the teacher led the class in voice-guided meditation. In place of an amorphous spiritual journey, he decided to provide a fantasy adventure. "Another door is in front of you — this door has been nearly hacked apart, but leads you further on into the temple," Indiana instructed students at a recent class as they sweated through a pose. "You managed to just barely hit the goblin, the force of your sword blow knocks you on the ground, where you finish him off."

    Since talking it kept to a minimum during class everyone "yoga-plays" as the same character, a "roguish rugged individual who has run afoul of the local law," explained dungeon master Eric Hagan."In future versions I would probably rework the roll of the die to be more pivotal in swaying the story, but it was amazing to have a whole room full of people in sync rolling to determine their fate."

    Interested warriors in need of a good stretch can check out the next class on March 22nd at the Launchpad in Brooklyn. A $5 donation is suggested.