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Arnold Schwarzenegger invites you to ride in his tank and crush things for charity

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has a tank. His tank can crush things, and he wants you to ride around in it with him and crush a taxi, or a piano, or bubble wrap, or something equally crunchy — all to benefit charity. This seemingly absurd scenario will be made real for one person through Omaze, a charity-organizing website that allows donors to receive Kickstarter-style tiers of rewards along with a chance to win one major experiential prize when they donate to a charity campaign. Schwarzenegger's is benefitting After-School All-Stars, which provides free after-school programs to children. He's also taking part in another campaign to benefit the same group, with donors bidding for a chance to make and eat a meal with Schwarzenegger and Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time. The winner will also get to ride in Schwarzenegger's tank. It's easy to imagine that both campaigns will be quite successful.

Schwarzenegger has also shot videos to promote both campaigns. One features him crushing things in a tank, the other features him cooking steak and eggs on the tank. "I finally have achieved my lifelong dream," he says, "[...] to finally possess my own fucking tank." You can watch them both below.