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VLC now available for Windows 8, no support for Surface 2 yet

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A Windows 8-style version of VLC is finally here. After months of delays, the Kickstarter-funded project has reached its beta goal and is available to download from the Windows Store. While Windows 8 includes a built-in video player, VLC adds its signature support for a broad array of formats, including Ogg, FLAC, and MKV. VLC for Windows 8 also includes support for background audio, removable storage, and DLNA servers.

It’s practically the Swiss Army Knife of video playback, and the user interface matches Microsoft’s “Metro” design language with a Live Tile for the Start Screen. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Windows 8 right now in beta form, and the developer warns "it's clearly not as stable as it should be." It's also not compatible with ARM-based Windows RT devices like the Surface 2, but VLC is planning to add support in future alongside a version for Windows Phone. VLC for Windows 8 is available immediately in the Windows Store.