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Google Wallet now lets you track the shipping progress of online orders

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A new feature in Google Wallet for both Android and iOS lets shoppers track where their goods are, right inside the app. As part of an update today, Google's added a new orders section in Wallet that shows the status of everything you've ordered that's still on its way, as well as past orders. These are linked up to tracking with "primary package carriers" in the US, Google says, meaning you'll get notifications every time there's a status change. You don't need to enter in these items, as Wallet is pulling the information from receipts sent to your Gmail account.

A quest to replace your wallet

Order tracking is Google's latest attempt at making Wallet a replacement for real wallets. Last month the company added the option to snap and store loyalty cards, which was combined with location tracking send push notifications when you're near one of those stores. It's also done the exact opposite of consolidation with a physical, prepaid debit card that people can carry around at places that don't accept payments by smartphone.