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Toyota says its first cars with Apple's CarPlay won't arrive until 2015 (update)

Toyota says its first cars with Apple's CarPlay won't arrive until 2015 (update)

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Among the cavalcade of Apple CarPlay launch partners that demoed working implementations at last week's Geneva Motor Show, Toyota was just a name on a list of other automakers that planned to add it to vehicles "down the road," as Apple put it. Now, the company says it plans to have the first new vehicles with CarPlay out by 2015. That's according to Toyota's official blog in the United Kingdom, which did not specify if that date is simply for UK-bound vehicles, or includes other markets. The company is also mum on which models will get compatibility, and whether it plans to add support to existing vehicle years.

Still many unknowns

Apple's CarPlay was first announced at the company's developer conference in San Francisco last June under the name of iOS in the Car, though it was not released to the public until this week alongside iOS 7.1. The software connects to on-board touchscreens to display maps, music, contact list, and a selection of optimized apps, all running through the iPhone. That's required automakers to implement the technology in upcoming vehicles, though some companies like Pioneer plan on offering aftermarket kits to put them in older cars.

Update: Toyota has changed the original post, removing mention of the 2015 date. A newer version says simply "No announcements have been made about if and when Apple CarPlay will arrive in Toyota cars."

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