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'Godzilla' is going to be a very different monster movie, says its director

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The last two Godzilla trailers have given us a hint of what's to come in the upcoming film, and at SXSW a small audience got the best look yet at the new monster. After a screening of the 1954 Japanese original, director Gareth Edwards introduced an extended sequence from the 2014 version in which the new Godzilla lays waste to Hawaii before squaring off against another giant monster. Even with some unfinished visual effects the clip lived up to our highest hopes — in fact, the only downside was that the clip hasn't been formally released for a wider audience. The morning after the screening we sat down with the filmmaker to talk about the design of the new beast, how his film ties into the rest of the franchise, and the challenge of making monster movies that mean something. We'll get to see Edwards' creation in all its glory on May 16th.