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'Surgeon Simulator' is even more horrifying on iPad

'Surgeon Simulator' is even more horrifying on iPad


Now with eye transplants and dentistry

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Surgeon Simulator 2013 somehow managed to make the process of brutally murdering a patient hilarious, and now the experience has been translated to touch. What makes the game both challenging and funny is the delightfully difficult controls: heart surgery requires deft precision, but in the game you're only able to flail around wildly. It's essentially a messy puzzle game, where you need to figure out how to best use the tools at your disposal — which include, for some reason, a hammer — to complete the task at hand. What's the easiest way to crack open a rib cage? You could use a bone saw, or you could just smash it with the hammer. It's your choice, but you'll need to inflict as little damage as possible on poor old patient Bob.

You can poke an organ with your finger and hear it squish

The new touch controls do little to alleviate this. In fact, in some ways, surgery is even harder, as you now only have one hand to work with. It also feels a lot more disgusting, as this time around you can poke an organ with your finger and hear its wet squish. Aside from the new control scheme, Surgeon Simulator Touch also adds two new kinds of surgery for you to fail at. In addition to heart and kidney transplants, you'll also be able to outfit your patient with new teeth and a new pair of eyeballs. If you aren't a fan of going to the dentist, drilling into a set of virtual teeth will make you particularly squeamish. You can find out for yourself for $5.99.