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Replay: The Vergecast - March 13th, 2014

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"Stop the tape. Start the tape. Wait, not actual tape, it's just an old saying. Yes, it's a hard drive. Are we recording? Is this thing on? Not just the mic specifically, I mean the whole audio input system. OK, I'll be more blunt, can you hear me? No, not in real life, I know you can hear me in real life, I mean via the mic through the system and on the tape. Sorry, not actual tape. Look, let me just get right to it, are we cool to broadcast? Yes, yes, I mean live stream. Do you really not get what we're saying? We've done over 100 of these by now."

Today. 1PM PT / 4PM ET — all time zones. Joshua Topolsky, TC Sottek, and Katie Drummond. Keep it locked.