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Meet the tiny printer for libertarians

Meet the tiny printer for libertarians

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A new, functional art project by Thibault Brevet that debuted this week at the South By South West festival in Austin, Texas turns ordinary receipt printers to speedy replicators of the US Constitution. Called Consti2Go, Brevet's device uses an Arduino processor hooked up to a small battery pack and serial cable that can be plugged in for "hijacking the existing network of standard receipt printers." Each time you press the button, it proceeds to print a copy of the Constitution — all 4,543 words of it — in just six seconds.

From the maker of the DRM chair

This isn't Brevet's first unusual printing effort. Last year the artist showed off Grand-Central, a large printer that wrote out messages sent to an attached computer in market pens. Brevet is also the maker of the DRM chair, a piece of furniture that would break after being sat on eight times. This latest project was commissioned as part of Labrary, a pop-up festival that included a handful of other projects, including an old typewriter that could send out tweets.