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PlayStation 4 narrowly tops the Xbox One in US sales in February

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Sony sold more PlayStation 4 consoles than Microsoft did of its Xbox One during the month of February, but it wasn't quite the blowout Sony had in January. According to the NPD Group, Sony sold approximately 287,000 PlayStation 4s in February, while Microsoft sold about 258,000 Xbox Ones. Neither company revealed specific sales figures for January, the month prior, which was the first time the two warring consoles were on sale in a non-launch, non-holiday month.

Microsoft's catching up

How well the two consoles are doing is a closely-watched battle, with both launching just shy of four months ago. The PlayStation 4 retails for $399, while Microsoft's Xbox One sells for $499, meaning that while the number of consoles is comparable, the revenue each company makes is not. Microsoft has also moved aggressively, discounting the console in the UK last month, as well as offering bundles with either Titanfall or Forza 5 (two popular titles) for the same price as it charges for the console alone.

Along with the latest-generation consoles, NPD says Microsoft sold 114,000 Xbox 360s during February, a tally that's also limited to the US, but marks the 100th month it's been on sale there since launch.