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Why are Silicon Valley's best young engineers building sexting apps?

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While his peers were building Twitter knock-offs, Sanjit Biswas was building cloud router company Meraki. The company just sold to Cisco for over $1 billion — the same amount Instagram sold for two years prior — but the press didn't notice. Yiren Lu at The New York Times digs into the deepening rift between enterprise and consumer tech, the old and the new, in what she calls the "consumer-ification" of tech. "Why do these smart, quantitatively trained engineers, who could help cure cancer or fix, want to work for a sexting app?" Lu asks. The conflict is both a hiring and a publicity challenge, Lu says, since routers are never going to be as cool or generate as many headlines as Pinterest.

So why is this important? "Without a good router to provide reliable Wi-Fi, your Dropbox file-sharing application is not going to sync," Lu writes, and "without Nvidia's graphics processing unit, your BuzzFeed GIF is not going to make anyone laugh." Head over to The New York Times to read the entire piece.