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Free 'Crazy Taxi' sequel coming to iOS and Android later this year

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Sega's eccentric, energetic, and exhilarating arcade classic Crazy Taxi is getting a new sequel this year, and it'll be free to play on iOS and Android. The new title, Crazy Taxi: City Rush, comes from the series' original creator and will be the first entry made specifically for mobile platforms.

While previous entries gave players complete control over their vehicle as they attempted to quickly and wildly speed across a city to deliver passengers to their destinations, it sounds as though City Rush will remove some of that control, instead making the game about dodging traffic by swiping side to side to move around cars. It also features a more cartoony graphics style. Polygon, which had some hands-on time with the sequel, says its gameplay is just as frantic nonetheless.

The game's controls sound decidedly less crazy

Polygon reports that City Rush will include some licensed music from indie bands, but Sega reportedly isn't saying exactly what bands will be included. As the series' attitude may well be defined by its bombastic and rollicking soundtrack filled with Bad Religion and The Offspring songs, it'd be a major miss for Sega not to try to recreate that. Fortunately, Polygon reports that the game will let players customize the soundtrack with local music, so you can always add in your own punk rock playlist. The new game will also include social features and upgradable cars — and presumably some in-app purchases to help you upgrade those cars too.

The game will reportedly launch in Australia and Canada later this month, and Sega intends to test reactions and tweak gameplay before expanding it worldwide later this year. For now, mobile gamers can always hold themselves over by playing ports of a classic Crazy Taxi — it's currently available for free right now on iOS and Android too, complete with its original sound track.