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The story behind the 'First Kiss' viral video sensation

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If you had an Internet connection this week, you probably came across "First Kiss" — a video compilation of various strangers fumbling through a few awkward, adorable moments of intimacy. But the video, which has amassed more than 52 million YouTube views, elicited a backlash from more than just cold-hearted cynics. Because it featured models, musicians, and actors promoting a clothing line, some decried "First Kiss" as, at best, slick advertising. At worst, it was derided as a total fake.

But according to The New York Times, the truth is much more nuanced. "First Kiss" was commissioned by Melissa Coker, founder of the clothing company Wren. According to Coker, the company operates on a shoestring budget and devised the video as a way to promote Wren attire without breaking the bank. It may not have been the work of viral masterminds, but the approach seems to have worked: Wren has enjoyed a "significant bump" in sales this week. Click over to the Times for the full story on the making of "First Kiss."