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'Asphalt 8' for iOS is the first mobile game you can stream on Twitch

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Last week, streaming service Twitch followed through with its promised launch on Xbox One; now, it's showing up on smaller screens. Well-reviewed arcade racing game Asphalt 8: Airborne, developed by prolific mobile studio Gameloft, is the first game to use Twitch's recently announced mobile SDK. Players will be able to stream games live while recording themselves through a front-facing phone or tablet camera, as well as watch live chat and share archived streaming sessions. Twitch has long had viewing-only mobile apps, but it's recently been expanding the scope of its recording service: both Sony and Microsoft's new consoles have built-in streaming support, and mobile devices are apparently the next focus.

Unlike on desktop computers or consoles, Twitch support must be built into individual games, so it's up to developers to decide whether to implement it. Asphalt 8 is so diligently cross-platform that it's even available on BlackBerry 10, but Gameloft is only launching Twitch in the iOS version, with no word on Android or Windows Phone support. If you're playing on an iPhone or iPad, you'll be able to get it as part of a larger game update later this week. Gameloft will be showing off mobile streaming before that, though — it's hosting a 24-hour live stream starting later today, coinciding with the start of this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.