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Watch the first trailer for the 'Angry Birds Epic' RPG

Watch the first trailer for the 'Angry Birds Epic' RPG

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After sending Angry Birds off to the races, Rovio is now placing its famous collective of characters into a medieval-themed fantasy RPG. The new game is called Angry Birds Epic, and Rovio is releasing the first trailer for it today; in some areas, the game itself is being launched too. Epic is the first RPG entry in the Angry Birds franchise, which previously consisted of puzzle games and, most recently, a kart-racing spinoff called Angry Birds Go!.

Another try at free-to-play

While Go! could be a lot of fun to play, its free-to-play model's obtrusive plugs for money ultimately ruined the experience. Epic will also be free to play, and though Rovio hasn't said whether in-app purchases and advertisements will be a part of the gameplay, it's pretty safe to assume that they will. The game includes collectible items and leveling mechanics, and you'll likely be able to pay for the privilege of expediting the collection of both new items and levels.

Otherwise, the game looks like a fun and accessible incarnation of an RPG. It uses Angry Birds' cartoon graphics, and gameplay appears to consist of turn-based combat, with players hopping between different encounters on an overworld between fights. Epic is launching in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand today so that Rovio can receive feedback before releasing it worldwide. That'll hopefully mean fine-tuning both the game's mechanics and the mechanics it uses to earn money.