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Xbox chief Marc Whitten leaves Microsoft for Sonos

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Marc Whitten, the chief product officer of Xbox, has left Microsoft after 14 years with the company. Whitten helped to launch all three Xbox systems, from the original console back in 2001 to the Xbox One last year, and is now taking up the same role of chief product officer at wireless audio company Sonos. Beyond Whitten's new position, Microsoft gave no reason for the departure, and there may not be a direct replacement — Whitten's remaining team will report to Terry Myerson, who took over Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox software last year.

"I have had the extreme pleasure over the last 14 years to work on the greatest product with the greatest team and for the greatest community," said Whitten. "Xbox is so special because of the amazing team I've had the opportunity to work with and because our fans are the most incredible fans on the planet. It has been the highlight of my career to work on a product so loved. It's incredibly tough to leave but I am confident the best days are ahead for Xbox fans, in the capable hands of a very talented team."