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Apple finally kills the iPad 2 and replaces it with a Retina display model

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Apple has re-released the fourth-generation iPad. The model replaces the aging iPad 2 in Apple's lineup. The fourth-generation iPad is priced at $399 —the same price as the iPad Mini with Retina display, and $100 less than the iPad Air — and is only available with 16GB of storage. A cellular model is also available for $529.

The decision to replace the iPad 2 with the iPad 4 means that all of Apple's iPads are now using the company's Lightning connector and also makes the original iPad mini the only tablet from Apple not to feature a Retina display. The iPad re-release is the second product change from Apple today. Earlier, the company released an 8GB version of the iPhone 5C in Europe, leading to speculation that the iPhone 4S — now the only iOS device with a 30-pin connector port — could be retired soon.