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Walmart to begin accepting video game trade-ins March 26th

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Massive US retailer Walmart will soon offer money for your used video games. The company plans to start accepting game trade-ins — a market usually reserved for competitors like Best Buy and GameStop — in all of its stores starting March 26th. Credit you receive for a game can be used to purchase any item at Walmart or Sam's Club, so you're not just limited to other games or electronics.

If you've ever traded in a game at another retailer, the process here is much the same. You bring it to Walmart (complete with original packaging), where you'll receive a trade-in offer after an employee inspects the game's condition. Payment comes in the form of a gift card; there's no option to receive cash. And these values are almost always less than what you'd receive selling the game via eBay or Craigslist. Still, the convenience (not to mention speed) of retail-based trades often proves more important to consumers. After all, this is the business model that GameStop built an empire on. Walmart says it plans to resell the used games it collects later this year under a "certified pre-owned" label.