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Disney is planning sequels to 'The Incredibles' and 'Cars'

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At the Disney Investor's Meeting today, Variety reports, Disney chairman Bob Iger casually mentioned that director Brad Bird is in the process of writing a sequel for 2004's The Incredibles. While details are currently scarce, the move makes sense — The Incredibles was a critical darling after its release, and went on to win Bird his first Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Iger also mentioned that Disney is planning a third outing for its Cars franchise. While Cars and Cars 2 both failed to garner the praise that other movies in Pixar's stable have earned, the series has become a lucrative franchise thanks to merchandising and theme parks. Even the terrible Planes spin-off earned $220 million at the box office last year. Audiences can expect to see more from The Incredibles before either sequel hits theaters, though. Pixar recently made plans to rerelease the original film and Brad Bird's second Oscar winner, Ratatouille, in 3D sometime in the near future.