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This concept is wishful thinking for LaGuardia Airport's redesign in 2021

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LaGuardia Airport needs a makeover, and the New York Post released renderings that show an ambitious proposal. Created by the design firm Neoscape, the concept structure shows a wave-like building with an all-glass facade meant to be the airport's main terminal. The renderings were commissioned by the advocacy group Global Gateway Alliance and don't necessarily reflect what Neoscape has in mind for its redesign proposal, but they do suggest a beautiful (if idealistic) solution.

The airport has been criticized — if not outright vilified — by Vice President Joe Biden and travelers in the past, and it's just one example of how far the US has fallen in terms of infrastructure quality. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is expected to choose a firm to take on the $2.5 billion redevelopment task later this spring.