The Giver: The Movie, NOT


WARNING: Watch at your own risk! I am not responsible for any deaths that come about because of the travesty you are about to watch.

The Giver Trailer

And when they say "Brings Lois Lowry's Classic Dystopian Novel To Life" They really mean kills it with a fire of a thousand vengeful Meryl Streeps.


When I clicked play I was so hopeful, and then I saw that it was in color and knew immediately that Hollywood had killed another one. The farther into the trailer I went the more I wanted to kill which ever nobody had written the screenplay, that (wo)man should be shot, chopped quartered and then displayed for all to see what happens to someone who takes something good and for no discernible reason murders it in it's sleep. Making a movie for this book wasn't only not a good idea, it's down right impossible! L. Lowry is incredibly descriptive, so if you didn't have a movie in your head of the whole thing, you are probably not fit to live.

As you can see I like the book.

Thoughts? How bad do you think it will be.

Here's an embed for those who don't want to give Huffpost the views for publishing this: