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A look inside the graphic design of 'Her'

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HER promotional still (WARNER BROS.)
HER promotional still (WARNER BROS.)

Depending on your state of mind when you saw Her, you either left the theater touched by how Theodore Twombly learned about himself through love, or you were deeply concerned about a world where people are even more dependent on their smartphones. Either way, it was near impossible to ignore the striking graphic design of the future presented by the filmmakers.

Graphic designer Geoff McFetridge was largely responsible for that aesthetic in its manifestations from Samantha herself and Twombly's handwriting interface at work to a fictionalized map of Los Angeles' subway system. Gizmodo's Alissa Walker sat down with McFetridge for a radio interview on KCRW to ask about his inspirations for his vision of the future of computer interfaces, and perhaps the most interesting detail is that he envisions that everyone will have their own, completely personalized operating systems in the future. You can listen to the KCRW interview (it starts around the 11-minute mark) below, or read about it over at Gizmodo.