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Watch Stephen Colbert lambast the NSA and Snowden at security conference

Watch Stephen Colbert lambast the NSA and Snowden at security conference

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Stephen Colbert delivered his somewhat controversial keynote speech at the annual RSA security conference Friday, and took the opportunity to lambast the NSA, Edward Snowden, and Mt. Gox, and launch his own "Cloud Fog" security service. "We can trust the NSA," explains Colbert, "because without a doubt it is history's most powerful, pervasive, sophisticated surveillance agency ever to be totally pwned by a 29-year-old with a thumb drive." The full keynote isn't yet available at RSA's website, but YouTube is full of excerpts uploaded by attendees.

Playing his typical faux-right character, Colbert moves his attentions to Edward Snowden, saying the whistleblower should face espionage charges for taking security secrets to Russia; "Was Mordor not accepting asylum requests?" He then pokes fun at Snowden's Nobel Peace Prize nomination. "The guy's practically a war criminal," he jokes, "I don't understand how they could put him up for the same prize they once gave to Henry Kissinger."

The comedian's appearance was criticized by some who attempted to boycott the conference following Reuters' allegations that RSA was paid $10 million to intentionally add a backdoor to its encryption. CNN and CNET report Colbert defended his decision to appear at the conference, noting that there was "no evidence" in Reuters' article. "I looked at the signatures on the online petition, then I looked at the signature — my signature — on the bottom of the contract saying I’d be here today, and my conscience was clear, as long as the check clears," Colbert said. "Well, it’s not actually a check. They gave me a Bitcoin voucher from Mt. Gox, and I’m sure it’s going to be fine."