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Samsung's new Chromebook is wrapped in fake leather

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Samsung Chromebook 2 (evleaks)
Samsung Chromebook 2 (evleaks)

The sequel to Samsung's well-received Chromebook will borrow the company's faux-leather design flourish from its smartphone range. An image posted by Evleaks on Twitter shows a Samsung laptop with Chrome branding covered with a black leather-like material and gray stitching. It's all very reminiscent of the soft-touch plastic back first introduced with the Galaxy Note 3, and a leaked Windows laptop from January.

Beyond the image, which Evleaks labels the 'Samsung Chromebook 2,' little is known about the new laptop. The current Chromebook sold well compared to other models running Google's stripped-down OS, and was fairly unique as it utilized an Exynos ARM processor, rather than one of the Intel chips found in almost every other laptop.