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'Gravity' wins seven Oscars, including best director

'Gravity' wins seven Oscars, including best director

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Gravity (WARNER BROS.)
Gravity (WARNER BROS.)

It's shaping up to be a big night for Alfonso Curaon's Gravity. The science fiction epic took home seven Academy Awards, including best director and best visual effects (not entirely surprising). Overall, Gravity was nominated for ten Oscars, meaning it lost three — best production design (to The Great Gatsby), best actress (to Cate Blanchett / Blue Jasmine), and big one, best picture (to 12 years a Slave). Cuaron already took home the top prize from the Director's Guild of America Awards in late January, which was a strong indicator that he'd win the Oscar for best director tonight.


  • Best visual effects
    Best sound editing
  • Best sound mixing
  • Best cinematography
  • Best film editing
  • Best original score
  • Best director


  • Best picture
  • Best actress
  • Best production design