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Ellen takes a selfie at the Oscars, sponsored by Samsung

Ellen takes a selfie at the Oscars, sponsored by Samsung

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In a moment devoid of all subtlety, Ellen DeGeneres took a moment away from her hosting duties at the Oscars tonight to take a selfie with what appeared to be a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Of course, Samsung is a major sponsor of the festivities tonight, so the move was fitting... if somewhat bizarre.

It's a shame the pic came out so blurry.

Samsung's presence at the awards tonight is pretty over-the-top, extending from the Samsung Galaxy S5 commercials all the way to the stage. The company also happens to be sponsoring the Green Room at the Oscars this year. According to Architectural Digest, the company created a massive video wall composed of 86 televisions, smartphones, and tablets showing footage from the movies nominated tonight.

All this is fully expected from Samsung. This is now the fifth year it's sponsored the award show, and AdAge reports it bought five minutes of air time for tonight. Meanwhile, the company spent $24 million on the Oscars between 2009 and 2013. All that said, this one moment makes up for all the product placement Samsung missed out on in House of Cards.

Update: Funnily enough, it looks like Ellen went back to her iPhone after taking this shot:


Update 10:05 PM: Ellen broke out the Note 3 yet again to take a selfie with stars in the audience. That quickly turned into Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Spacey, and others jumping in for a quick photo op. She — and Samsung, it can be assumed — hopes it will break the record for most retweets.