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Your Starbucks barista is about to become your bartender

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You may already start your day at Starbucks, and Starbucks is hoping that you'll soon want to close out your evenings there too. According to Bloomberg, Starbucks plans to offer alcohol in thousands of its store as a way to continue its growth. The drinks will be offered as part of an evening menu, which it's been testing in about 40 stores, only after 4PM. So far, the menu includes beer and wine alongside a small selection of light foods and desserts, such as a Blue Brie plate and chocolate fondue. The rollout to thousands of stores is expected to take several years.

Starbucks doesn't intend to bring wine and beer to every store, however. Bloomberg reports that the program has seen the most success in urban locations, particularly when placed near other restaurants and where people are likely to be out at night. Starbucks has already been trying to expand its business by increasing its food offerings, reworking thousands of stores to sell hot pastries. It's also begun spinning out Teavana, which it bought in 2012, into tea bars too. In Starbucks' mind, it can be the perfect place for an evening drink too for those who don't want to head out to a bar.