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Pebble has sold over 400,000 smartwatches

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Android Wear may be dominating smartwatch news at the moment, but Pebble isn't letting Google take all the thunder. The company has revealed that it's sold a total of 400,000 watches since it started fulfilling the first of its 85,000 Kickstarter pre-orders. CEO Eric Migicovsky revealed the number to CNN Money in a recent interview, and a representative tells The Verge that the number includes its original 85,000 Kickstarter pre-orders and sales of its critically acclaimed Pebble Steel smartwatch. It's an impressive statistic for the company the started as a Kickstarter sensation. But the company made a name for itself with one of the first attractive, simple-to-use smartwatches around. Now that Google has thrown its weight behind its own smartwatch effort, it'll be up to Pebble to hold onto its head start.

Update: This article has been modified with additional details on the 400,000 figure from a Pebble representative.